Personal Tax

personal tax

At TC Group, we offer a truly personalised tax service that encompasses every part of our clients’ lives, helping to free up their time and save them money.

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, giving them immediate access to expert advice whenever they need it.

As a client, you’ll have the option to meet your Client Relationship Manager on a regular basis to discuss your tax planning strategy – or you can get in touch whenever something’s on your mind you need help with.

Our Personal Tax services include Estate Planning and dealing with Inheritance Tax, so you can pass your wealth on to your loved ones without being caught out by the complexities of the Inheritance Tax system.

When you’re planning for major family expenses such as school fees, we’ll help to arrange your finances effectively for the years ahead, using tax-efficient methods of saving.

We’ll also help you understand the tax implications of UK residence and domicile, and what that means for you – whether you’re domiciled in the UK or abroad.

And to reduce any risk when it comes to your home and other important assets, we can advise on all asset protection options.


Asset Planning and Protection designed to meet your individual circumstances.


As specialist advisors, we’re able to give you clear advice on domicile and residence tax whether you’re domiciled in the UK or abroad.


Our experts will ensure your estate’s divided according to your wishes, minimising your tax liability and maximising benefits for you, your family, and future generations.


Avoid the complications of Inheritance Tax and preserve your capital with our expert advice and IHT-mitigating strategies.


Comprehensive self-assessment and personal tax services.

Personal Accounts


Support to help you meet the remuneration planning expectations of your employees.


Working with you to effectively prepare a tax-efficient plan to cover school fees for your children or grandchildren.

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