FCA Regulated Companies

FCA Regulated Companies 

Navigating the regulatory landscape set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires specialised expertise, given its strict and intricate regulations governing the UK’s financial services industry. 

Our in-depth knowledge allows us to support and guide your FCA regulated business through the financial administration required by the FCA, easing the compliance burden and avoiding any penalties. 

Our advisors ensure you’re always compliant and that your obligations are met on time, whether you’re new to FCA regulation or established within the industry. 

Our accountancy and business advisory services include: 

  • Assistance with your FCA registration application, including the preparation of projections and tax planning
  • Advice and support with your accounting procedures and controls to ensure your business is compliant 
  • Full outsourcing service covering the company’s accounts function, including bookkeeping and payroll services 
  • Assistance with the FCA bi-annual returns 
  • Annual accounting and statutory audit services to meet FCA reporting timetables and requirements
  • Production of client asset reports for the FCA 
  • Guidance on improving the quality and value of your management reporting and day-to-day operations 

Our chartered tax advisors will work with you to provide tailored planning solutions, ensuring your business operates as tax-efficiently as possible. 

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