business recovery and insolvency

business recovery and insolvency

In the world of business, success is never guaranteed – it’s an unfortunate reality that some businesses may face failure.

However, the key to surviving a financial crisis lies in the ability to identify early warning signs and take decisive action.

We specialise in Business Recovery and Insolvency services. Our goal’s to help businesses of all sizes navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger.

We provide advisory and formal recovery and insolvency solutions for all types of corporate and personal matters; including debt or equity fund raising, restructuring, administration, Company Voluntary Arrangement and Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.

If you’re looking for assistance with Personal Insolvency matters and personal debt solutions, please click here.

Business Turnaround Solutions

  • Business reviews, cashflow projections and budget preparation
  • Identifying urgent cash needs and agreement of informal repayment plans with HMRC, banks, and other key creditors and suppliers
  • Assistance with raising additional funding and corporate finance
  • Implementation of Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) schemes
  • Administration of the company for securing a sale, protecting goodwill and jobs, whilst enhancing the outcome for creditors

Insolvent Liquidation

  • Advise and assist directors in placing their companies into liquidation where turnaround solutions aren’t available or viable
  • Maximise recovery of assets for the benefit of creditors
  • Deal effectively and efficiently with creditors, employees, and all other affected parties

Solvent Liquidation & Group Restructuring Services

  • Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) together with specialist tax efficient advice
  • Restructure complex groups of companies tax efficiently

Services to Creditors

  • Investigations into director conduct
  • Attendance of creditors meetings and ad-hoc research

Services to Directors

  • Advising on disqualification issues
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As someone who's not had to deal with this sort of issue before it was all a little daunting. You've made the whole process as painless and straight forward as possible, I've been genuinely impressed with the consideration and level of service shown and I greatly appreciate this. I'd have no problem recommending your services in the future.

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Sandra Vincent, Director & Shareholder

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Michael Gregson is an Insolvency Practitioner licensed in the United Kingdom by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

Creditors in TC Bulley Davey insolvency cases – where they’ve been given a code for online access – can access reports and other documents at Insolvency Data login

For details of the TC Bulley Davey complaints procedure in relation to insolvency appointments, please click to view the complaints procedure.