TC Group can help with a variety of legal issues, including preparing a valid will, managing a divorce, setting up a trust, conveyancing and more. 

Working with us gives you the benefit of a broad view of your legal and financial situation that considers not only the immediate effects of major life events and legal changes, but also their impacts on your tax position.

Combining precise technical knowledge and an extensive understanding of tax and financial issues, we’ll take the pressure off you when it comes to legal matters.

Our will-writing services will help to make sure your wishes are carried out and your estate is divided in the way you choose, without any unintended effects on inheritance tax.

If you’re planning to pass on wealth or assets but want to be sure they’re used in the right way, we can help you to set up a trust as a controlled way of transferring them.

We can also help with lasting power of attorney forms, so you can ensure someone you trust is appointed to to deal with your affairs if you are no longer able to. 

Whatever legal process you’re going through, we’ll be on your side as a trusted partner and advisor.

Free no-obligation consultation

If you’re thinking of changing accountants, contact a member of the TC team today to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced partners.


Specialist support in crafting your will to achieve your wishes, and minimise tax.

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Lasting power of attorney ensures your wishes are carried out by someone you trust.


Expert tax and legal support for buying, selling or refinancing your home.


Support dealing with the financial and tax implications of the divorce process.


TC provides its clients with specialist estate & trust planning advice.

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Guidance through managing the legal, financial and tax requirements of probate.

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