Media and Entertainment

Media AND Entertainment 

Media and Entertainment companies face unique challenges specific to their industry. We thrive on building relationships with businesses and individuals working within film, television, music, and sport.  

But why chose TC Group? We’re positioned as a valuable one-stop solution. Our dedicated media team bring together their knowledge and experience in the creative, entertainment, and media sectors to collaborate with services across the Group. This means we can provide a comprehensive range of services accountancy, compliance, creative tax reliefs, investment management, and business advisory. 

Moreover, we extend our support to individuals within your business by addressing their personal financial needs. 


Our accountancy and business advisory services include: 

  • Financial planning and forecasting 
  • Audit and assurance  
  • Internal, external, and royalty audits 
  • Business risk services and corporate governance 
  • Tax services including Corporation Tax and VAT
  • Creative Tax Reliefs
  • HR advisory and recruitment support 
  • Corporate Finance including sales, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), raising finance, and succession planning 
  • Payroll 
  • Services for individuals including tax compliance, IHT, and pension planning

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