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Our advice in the hotel and leisure sector is admired across the industry for its timeliness, insight and specificity. ‘Advice’ to us means more than just providing a list of options with their various merits. In our role as your trusted financial partner, we will we will drill down to the detail of your business and illuminate the best way forward, time after time.

The hotel and leisure industry has suffered as much as any other in the recession, but for those organisations which position themselves correctly, opportunities are vast to catch the first wave of the recovery.

Our aim is to work with you to consolidate and develop your business in a way that keeps you compliant, expands on your opportunities and puts you back in charge of your company’s future. We like to think of ourselves as a fifth gear, while your rivals stutter along in fourth.

The challenges of operating in the hotel and leisure market are clear.

The challenges of operating in the hotel and leisure market are clear.

  • How can you best handle those enormous seasonal variances in sales and cash-flow?
  • Ensure you have the right staff year-round?
  • Adapt promptly to new trends? Head-off emerging competition before it takes a bite out of your business?


One way of staying on top of such challenges is to work with taylorcocks at your side.

Our services include:

  • specialist tax advice 
  • cash flow management 
  • strategic sector and business-specific advice 
  • negotiate tenancy arrangements 
  • meeting your green agenda 
  • raising financing 
  • bank guarantees and letters of credit 
  • contract negotiations 
  • handling HMRC inquiries 
  • royalties and personal tax advice 

Whatever the size of your operation and whatever the scale of your plans for the future, we will provide support and guidance you can depend on. Many businesses in the hotel and leisure sector are already turning our experience to their commercial advantage.

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