TC Group

TC Group is the trading name of TC Group Holdings Limited (Company no: 11251664) and the other companies in its group. TC Group Holdings Limited’s registered office is The Courtyard, Shoreham Road, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, United Kingdom, BN44 3TN.

The following entities are within the group headed by TC Group Holdings Limited: TC Audit Limited (Co. no: 11260203), TC Tax and Legal Limited (Co. no: 11256642), TC Accountants 001 Limited (Co. no 11256746), TC Accountants 002 Limited (Co. no 11256766), TC Accountants 003 Limited (Co. no 11257276), TC Accountants 005 Limited (Co. no 11345745), TC Accountants 008 Limited (Co: no 02681093), TC Accountants 023 Limited (Co. no 11257300), TC Accountants 006 Limited (Co. no 11440059), TC Croydon Limited (Co. no: 10852749), TC East Midlands Limited (Co. no: 11007656), TC Sussex Limited (Co. no 06501676), TC North Essex Limited (Co. no: 04378368), TC East Yorkshire Limited (Co. no: 12159036), TC Central Limited (Co. no: 11253215), TC Group London Limited (Co no: 12308662), TC St. Albans Limited (Co. no: 12642952), TC West Bristol Limited (Co. no: 12834839), TC Financial Planning Limited ( 11561419), TC West End Limited (Co. no: 12992456), TC Accountants 009 Limited (Co. no: 13237256), TC Technical Tax & Legal Ltd (Co. no: 13237260).

All of the companies are registered in England and Wales.

A list of the directors of each company is available for inspection at that company’s Registered Office.

Statutory directors
The following individuals are statutory directors of at least one of the TC Group companies noted above:

Richard Keyes
Grant Bartholomew FCA MAAT
Miles Auckland FCCA
Jonathan Aikens ACA ACCA
Tim Barley FTA
Debbie Beard CTA
Steve Beaumont FCA
Jeremy Berman FCA
James Blake FCA
Mark Brooker ACMA
Alan Brown FCA
Chris Brown FCA
Phil Clark FCCA
Chris Checkley FCCA
Suzanne Craig FCA
Mark Cummins FCCA
Jordan Dennis ACA
Kevin Edenborough FCA
Georgie Eykel CTA
Graham Figgins FCA
Simon Garner FCA
Simon Howell FCCA
Ed Holcombe ACA
Helen Kay FCA
Rob Kerry FCA FCCA
Robert Keen FCCA
Amanda Kruger FCCA
David Leigh FCA
Mark Levy FCA
Scott Mallon FCCA
Vince McLoughlin CTA
Zoe Mowlem FCA
Jim Norrington ACA FMAAT
James Paget FCCA
Simon Perkins APFS
Danny Porter ACA
Tim Saxton FCA
Trevor Shaw FCA CTA
Martyn Smith ACA
Adam Suffolk CTA
Mike Todd FCA
Andrew Wilson ACA FCCA

TC Audit Limited
TC Audit Limited is registered to carry on audit work in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details of the company’s audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number C005815976.

TC Audit Limited is registered as a licensed practice for ATOL reporting purposes by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Details of the company’s licensed status, and those individuals within TC Group who are licensed practitioners can be viewed on the CAA’s website.