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We’re an innovative firm who offer a relaxed friendly working environment. As active leaders, we explore bold new ways of working in a new era of accounting. By joining us, you’ll benefit from having a supportive employer who promotes within and encourages employees to grow and develop within the company. We provide study support, help you progress (both professional and personally) in whatever way you’d like to, and we’ve got some pretty good benefits and perks too.

At TC Group, our success is because of our team. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for just as brilliant people to join us. As one of the fastest-growing Top 25 firms in the UK, there’s a role available at all levels. Whether you’re a school-leaver, newly-qualified professional, or even a Director or Partner.

We’ve got some really incredible people who do amazing things – but, we know that everyone’s unique and different in their own way.

So, whether that means you want to provide top-notch client services, being the best parent to your children, volunteer your time for a charity close to your heart, or just excel in something you love – we recognise and celebrate that!

What you do when you’re not working matters just as much to us as what you do at work. You’re more than the important role you play at TC Group. Maybe you’re trying to break a world-record, attempting to visit as many countries as humanly possible, or just enjoy being good at doing nothing apart from relaxing.

Knowing who you are outside of work and what makes you tick’s super important to us. We want to make sure you’ve got the right work-life balance so you have time to do what’s important to you.



Without our people, TC Group simply wouldn’t exist! So, caring about our team’s a crucial element of our on-going success.

Saying we care’s easy. But what does it actually mean? Well, it probably starts with our employee wellbeing initiatives – supporting both your physical and mental health. Our perks and benefits were put in place with everyone in mind, so there’s something for everyone. Or perhaps it’s the emphasis we place on our individualised personal development plans – recognising and rewarding effort and achievements in their career. We’re big on helping each person grow in their career.

We’re also keen on making sure our team’s kept in the loop too. Anything from our performance to upcoming future plans, we always encourage our people to contribute through open and honest feedback and ideas. Without feedback, we don’t know how well we’re truly doing! It’s important we celebrate success too – big or small. Whether it’s passing an exam or a long service award, it’s a key element of how we work and grow together as one team.


Whether you’ve just entered the working world, or have experience under your belt, your next role might just be a click away…

We’re here to help you carve out your role and back you every step of the way. Are you ready to take the next big leap?


At TC Group, we support embracing diversity and inclusivity across our team. Regardless of background, race, religion, age, ability, gender, and LGBTQIA+ identity, we know that having a team that reflects our diversity makes us a stronger business but also a better place to work.

Admittedly, no company’s ever perfect. We’re on a continuous journey by improving at every level through regular assessments, adaptations, and various initiatives to ensure we’re striving for better.

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Accounts Assistant Manager, Milton Keynes


A Salary That Grows With The Company

We understand that your success is our success. As we expand and thrive, we recognise the importance of rewarding dedication and hard work – that’s why we believe your salary should evolve alongside the company.

Perkbox Benefits

Offering a wide range of perks & benefits, discounts, and support, Perkbox is an all-in-one solution to empower our thriving workplace culture.


By offering financial security, you know after years of working you’ll have peace of mind you’ll have an income stream to support your retirement plans.

Long Service Awards

This is more than just recognition. It’s a testament to commitment, loyalty, and unwavering dedication marking a significant milestone along your professional path. Which’s why we want to show our gratitude.

Life Assurance

It’s important to be able to give you peace of mind and financial security for you and your loved ones.

Employee Assistance Programme

The wellbeing and productivity of our team’s paramount, which’s where EAPs step in as a beacon of support and assistance. Providing comprehensive and confidential support, resources, and services to support the wellbeing of our team, we’re here to help when needed.

Career Progression

Career progression looks different to everyone, which’s why we tailor it to you, your aspirations and your goals – wherever it may be. Define and set your own goals and objectives, and we’ll follow your lead!


Annual leave’s a vital component of the modern work-life balance and for employee wellbeing. To be used for whatever you want, this is your time to recharge and unwind from the demands outside of your professional responsibilities.

Discretionary Bonus Scheme

Bonuses stand as beacons of recognition, appreciation, and motivation. This is just one of a few ways of us saying ‘thank you’ and rewarding you by celebrating your performance, achievement, and contributions.


We’re excited to get to know you better and chat further about the role, as well as what life’s like at TC Group. Our in-house recruitment team’s here to help support you as well as answer any questions or queries you may have.

So, what’s it like going through the process with our internal recruitment team?

Firstly, we don’t believe formality and process is always needed! We want to get to know you, and the best way to do this is to have a relaxed and informal chat with candidates. The same also goes for our interviews! Understandably, this also applies to those that will be conducting your interview too – so each interviewee, depending on which office you’re looking to work in, as well as the role you’ve applied for, will all run differently. But don’t worry, we’ll give you everything you need – from interview confirmation, any other relevant information, as well as any preparation you may need to do before (or after) your interview. This can include a presentation or completing a test.


  • An initial telephone interview
  • Face-to-face, usually in one of our office locations
  • Virtual via Zoom or Teams
  • As part of an assessment day


  • Read and understand the job role information sent to you
  • Think about any questions you may want to ask
  • Research TC Group and the business area the job role’s in
  • Allow plenty of time to either get to the location including parking and/or log into the online interview
  • Wear smart/casual office dress


Like what you see? We’re always looking for the best talent to add to our team, find out more about our current vacancies on our Hireful page.


    Our school leaver programme’s a fantastic way to kickstart your career in accounting! In fact, many of our Partners actually started out this way too…

    This programme’s open to school or college leaver level – no degree’s required! It’s a great chance to enter into the world of an Accounting business and begin your career.

    You’ll be part of a supportive team looking after a high quality client base, and will quickly take on responsibilities whilst working towards your accounting qualification with us. Gaining the necessary hands-on experience in the office to build your career whilst assisting some of our SME clients’ businesses is a fundamental part of our School Leaver Programme. We understand that what you do when you’re not working matters just as much to us as what you do at work. Which is why we recognise and celebrate our team, both inside and outside of work, by upholding the importance we place on a healthy work-life balance. Starting your career journey with us isn’t only fulfilling but also enjoyable. Our team’s friendly, sociable, and supportive – you’ll make friends here for the long haul!

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     We’ve got your back – we cover your training costs, exams, and professional qualifications.
     You’ll have your own mentor whilst receiving guidance from other experienced colleagues.
     Great career progression opportunities across the group.
     Diverse workload to keep things interesting.
     Earn whilst you learn.
     We offer meaningful support as you tackle your exam training and the exams themselves. We’re all about seeing you succeed, but we’ll only sign you up for exams when you’re really ready.


     112 UCAS points or more.
     GCSE Maths and English at grade 4/grade C or higher.
     You’re driven, hardworking, and love diving into numbers.
     Team player? Check. Professional? Double check. Attention to detail? Absolutely.
    You’re keen to build connections and are ready to grow your technical knowledge with our help.
     We’re all about trust with our clients – so honesty, integrity, and being approachable are important to us.
     You’re dedicated and committed to juggling professional exams and client work.


    TC Group’s an ICAEW approved training provider as well as top-tier ACCA Platinum Approved Training Practice and an ACA Approved Training Provider – it’s quite a big deal! Whether you’ve got a degree or a Level 4 Accountancy qualification, this is your ticket into the world of an Audit and Accounting business whilst starting your journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant.

    With support from the rest of the team, you’ll be guided and encouraged to build on your job responsibilities whilst looking after our clients. For this programme, we believe being in the office is the best way to gain the necessary on-the-job experience required to learn everything you need to develop both professionally and personally. But because you’re more than the important role you play at TC Group, we want to make sure you’ve got the right work-life balance so you have time to do what’s important to you. Embarking on your career journey with us isn’t just rewarding, you’ll also be sat amongst an enjoyable environment as well as working within a sociable and lively team you’ll find friendships in.

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    Autumn Roberts – HR Assistant – Trainee – Portsmouth

    I believe there are so many skills I’ve improved or gained during my time studying and working at the same time. To understand why things are worded in a certain way’s so valuable in my position and I do think that interpersonal adaptability’s one of the most important ones as you have to understand different perspectives in different situations. During my studies, one thing that’s stood out to me is the way we collate data and analyse it effectively. I’ve learnt more about the effects on business cultures and types of workplaces. Being able to network with people who are studying the same thing’s been very interesting as there are different types of industries involved.

    Daniel Witt – Accounts Assistant – Apprentice – Northampton

    I’m most proud of (almost) completing my AAT level 3, especially balancing the pressure of studying whilst working. I’ve also learnt the value of stretching myself, taking on tasks that’ll challenge me, knowing that I have the support of my team behind me. By investing the time in myself and my future, I can see real progress in my career since joining TC group, and it motivates me to continue to work towards my ambition to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

    Jensen Herrick – Audit Executive – School Leaver – Northampton

    The most valuable skill I’ve taken away from being an apprentice/school leaver is my independence. As an apprentice I’ve lots of control over the direction of my career and the learning opportunities I choose to seize. The onus is on myself when it comes to recording my learning activities and reflecting on my performances, this fosters personal growth and reflection for continual improvement. I also navigate numerous clients in short amounts of time and have to prioritise tasks in order to manage workloads, exposure to these factors has challenged me and driven me to improve my time management skills.


    At TC Group, our success is because of our team. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for just as brilliant people to join us. As one of the fastest-growing Top 25 firms in the UK, there’s a role available at all levels. Whether you’re a school-leaver, newly-qualified professional, or even a Director or Partner.

    We’re here to support you with both personal and professional growth. We’ll encourage you to take on more challenges, expand your knowledge, and dive deep into new experiences. We want to provide you the best possible experience. Alongside a good work-life balance, your time in the office will give you the crucial hands-on experience essential for advancing your career. Joining us on your journey isn’t just about the perks – it’s also about working alongside a caring team within an environment where you can thrive.

    We’re dedicated to supporting your professional growth at every stage, offering pathways to Partner-level so you can build a dynamic and fulfilling career with us whilst contributing to our business’s growth. Let’s make big things happen together!

What our people say


“Before I went to university, I’d never really thought about a career in accountancy. Though my degree was in Finance & Business I’d only done some basic accounting, and my first job was with a logistics company. I had to relocate a lot and wanted more stability, and it was through a family contact when I approached TC Group. I thought I’d give it a go, even though I still had doubts and didn’t think my personality would suit accountancy – but I was completely wrong! 

There were some early challenges, such as worrying about not making mistakes and being blamed, but that isn’t how it is. You’re helped and supported and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Meeting clients and giving advice over the phone can be daunting, but it’s helped me grow and become more confident. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be empowering.

I passed all my professional exams in three years and that was extraordinarily liberating. You’re suddenly out-of-the-trees and qualified, and I have to admit that the money really made a difference. I could suddenly buy a car and other things, and that was a big motivator. Also, studying isn’t so hard. Just a few hours a night and some weekends – it doesn’t take over your life.

Now I have a pool of clients who come to me and I co-ordinate the provision of advice and solutions which is very satisfying. When I was made a Partner, I still remained in touch with all aspects and processes of the business, including being on-hand to help and guide our newer recruits.

It helps that TC Group’s a very forward thinking and dynamic firm with a youthful spirit, and I’m completely surprised at how much I continue to enjoy it. I don’t regret a single day.”


“I signed up for an apprenticeship because it gave me the opportunity to obtain my professional qualifications quicker and without the debt of University. But most importantly, it gave me the on the job experience which I felt gave me an advantage in progressing through my career quickly.

When I started college I wrote to over 50 Accountancy firms enquiring about future apprenticeships and jobs. TC Group were the only ones to respond to me and invited me in to offer some advice, even though they didn’t have a current position for me. As I was coming to the end of my time at college, I contacted TC Group again, as the support they’d already offered me automatically made it my first choice on the list of places I wanted to work as I knew I would get the support I needed to achieve my goals.

When I started I was very very shy.

Working alongside the Partner in a rapidly growing firm I was exposed to many different areas of the business and to clients. I quickly learnt that it was fine to say “I don’t know” and then seek advice. Now, I’d say that I’m extremely confident in pretty much any scenario I’m put in. But even now, still, I’m not afraid to say “I don’t know”.

My journey at TC Group’s been everything I could’ve wished for. I was supported through all of my studies and was encouraged to take whatever path I wanted to within the business. I’ve now completed my journey from Apprentice to Partner and couldn’t be happier! Now, my role’s to be that helping hand for all my Trainees that are going through their own journey and helping them to achieve their own goals, like what I once had.

Whilst I’m proud of my own achievements, I’m more proud of despite how big TC Group have grown as a business, we’ve not lost that local approach to staffing. Meaning, we’re still able to bring Trainees through and offer personal support. This has enabled me to build a fantastic team of Accountants who will all be very successful. Being even a small part of that success outweighs any of my personal achievements.”


At college I studied A Levels in Maths, Law and History and went on to study Law at University, but decided this wasn’t the career for me and started to look into Accounting after graduating.

I chose a Trainee opportunity as it was a good mixture of on-the-job training as well as time off for studying my ICAEW qualification, fully funded by TC Group!

TC Group straight away offered me the chance to get involved with a variety of clients and in different aspects of Accounting, which made me feel like a valuable member of the team. It was made clear they’d offer great progression opportunities, and in the time I’ve been here, I’ve worked my way up from being a Trainee to now an Associate Partner.

The support from other Trainees at the time was also really valuable, as they too were also going through the same journey as I was.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients and the different scenarios these individual clients bring. No day’s ever the same. I also enjoy the relationship I have with my colleagues, everyone gets on very well which makes the office an enjoyable place to be.”

I’m very happy with my journey at TC, I’m grateful for the support and encouragement provided to enable me to develop professionally and get to where I am today!”