Third Sector Management Accounting


New Stories or Better Stories?

Whether it’s time to tell new stories about your organisation or just tell better stories, it’s time to think and act differently with your data. 

The long haul

If our new understanding in sustainability has taught us anything, it’s to rethink how we use our resources and data, including the data we hold and use in our accounts software.

Power Bi

Yes, it’s free to use, but over the past few years we have invested heavily in our teams to transform your data trapped in Excel, PDF and PowerPoint, into Power Bi, and this is only the start of the story. Our team are ready and waiting to use the ‘big data’ you have already in your organisations to tell ‘new’ and ‘better’ stories.

Next Steps

  • You may simply want to lift your accounts from quarterly pdfs to a live dashboard. We can do that for you.
  • We you may wish to unlock the potential of your existing accounting software beyond its current apparent reporting abilities. We can do that for you.
  • Or, you may want to tie in the data from your CRM, with your financial accounts and start to see who driving growth in your organisation! We can do that for you.

A little different

Yes, this is a little different from other accountants and our approach adapts to whatever is required, whether that is for a one-off transformation project, or long term data and account support, we can be there to support you.

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