TC Group break into top 30 Accountancy Age Top 50+50 rankings

In this year’s Accountancy Age Top 50+50 firm ranking, TC Group moved up 3 spots to number 29, demonstrating it’s continued national growth.

Mergers and acquisitions in various locations, as well as expanded value-added services for current clients, can be accounted for TC’s rise in the rankings.

Group CEO Richard Keyes stated, “we will keep looking for opportunities with accountants, lawyers, and IFAs in the UK who wish to join a forward-thinking professional services group.

Group COO, Grant Bartholomew, added: “By supporting our clients in all aspects of their business and personal affairs, TC will continue to concentrate on organic growth. We can provide clients and their family members with the comprehensive assistance they require thanks to our unique combination of accountants, lawyers, and investment advisors, especially during this difficult economic time.”

Rankings can be seen here.