Paralympic gold medalist shares story of determination and hope at a charities conference

An inspirational young Paralympic gold medallist who single-mindedly overcame huge setbacks in her early teens to become a top athlete and rower will share her remarkable story at a Charities Conference being hosted by TC Group in Brighton on February 27.

Twenty-one year-old Lauren Rowles MBE was only 13 when a rare spinal condition left her with no feeling below her chest. Despite this she went on to become a successful wheelchair racer and then rower, winning silver at the 2015 World Championships and gold at the 2016 Paralympics.

Since then her story of single-minded courage and an iron will to succeed has inspired thousands of others to follow her example and believe that anything is possible.

Explains Lauren:  ‘I was just like any other able-bodied girl going to school every day when I developed the condition which left me severely disabled.  But I am convinced that whatever life throws at you, you can tackle it if you persevere and have the right mindset.

‘Not only have I managed to achieve what I have in the athletics and rowing arenas, but I am also now studying for a law degree.  So it is all about one’s attitude of mind.  I’ll be sharing my thinking and experience around this theme with delegates in the hope that they can apply it to their own lives.’

The Charities Conference is an annual event organized by accountancy and professional services firm TC Group, whose Sussex office specializes in the charitable and education sectors.

The day is organised into specific breakout sessions around the themes of governance and law, finance and tax, HR and employee development, and PR and media.

In addition to Lauren Rowles there will be contributions from subject experts and those working directly within the charity sector.

For more details on the day and the sessions available please download our TC Group Charity Conference 2020 brochure

For further information about the Charities Conference which takes place at Jurys Inn, Brighton on February 27, please contact Natalie Boyd on: 0330 088 7111, or Email 

TC clients can apply for one free place, with cost of £99 (inc VAT) for each additional ticket and all other delegates.