In this short series of case studies, members of staff share their experiences of joining and qualifying with TC

Katie Osborn Partner and Client Relationship Manager

Before I went to university I had never really thought about a career in accountancy.  Though my degree was in finance and business I’d only done some basic accounting and my first job was with a logistics company. I had to relocate a lot and wanted more stability, and it was through a family contact that I approached TC.

I thought I’d give it a go, even though I still had doubts and didn’t think my personality would suit accountancy – but I was completely wrong. There were some early challenges such as worrying about not making mistakes and being blamed, but that isn’t how it is.  You are helped and supported and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Meeting clients and giving advice over the phone can be daunting, but it has helped me grow and be more confident.  Stepping outside your comfort zone can be empowering. I passed all my professional exams in three years and that was extraordinarily liberating. You are suddenly out of the trees and qualified and I have to admit that the money really made a difference.  I could suddenly buy a car and other things and that is a big motivator.

Also, studying isn’t so hard.  Just a few hours a night and some weekends – it doesn’t take over your life. Now I have a pool of clients who come to me and I co-ordinate the provision of advice and solutions which is very satisfying.

I was recently made a partner but I remain in touch with all aspects and processes of the business, including being at hand to help and guide our newer recruits.  It helps that Taylorcocks is a very forward thinking and dynamic firm with a youthful spirit, and I am completely surprised at how much I continue to enjoy it.  I don’t regret a single day.

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