Georgie Willingham shares her experiences of joining and qualifying with TC

Georgie Willingham

Client Relationship Manager

I was always interested in becoming an accountant and while studying finance and accounting at university began looking at suitable opportunities.

Taylorcocks is local to me and after walking past it one day decided to apply on spec. I’d already looked at the website and thought it would suit me.  One reason is its size.  While being a dynamic firm it is neither too small nor too large, in which case I knew that it would provide me with a good range of clients and a level of responsibility early on.  Also, I didn’t want to to specialise too much at that stage which can happen in larger firms. So after a placement year in 2012-2013 I returned in 2014.

Because I was exempted from nine of the 14 professional exams, I managed to qualify in 18 months. The areas that I enjoy are financial and management accounting, but what makes the difference is working with such a supportive team and with such a broad range of clients across a number of sectors.

It’s interesting meeting such a variety of people from day to day, and knowing that I can genuinely help them.  I have more confidence now in my knowledge and am more assured in expressing views and giving advice.   Also, we have a great work-life balance – I may work late on occasions but never feel pressured to do so.

The next stage for me would be a management position.  The great thing is that Taylorcocks provides a lot of a general support and motivation re personal development, so progression to more senior roles is encouraged at every step of the way.  I know that I can achieve much more at Taylorcocks and that is an exciting prospect.

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