Blue/Brew Monday 2024

Labelled as ‘the most depressing day of the year’, we all know by now that Blue Monday’s a complete myth.

As hard as it is in January with the shorter daylight hours, recovering from the festive break, and spending more time in doors, in the words of Mind… “today is just another day.”

Instead, we wanted to focus on Samaritans’ ‘Brew Monday’ mental health campaign.

Struggles with mental health don’t just happen on one particular day. Which’s why today, we’ve asked our team to make time for a 10 minute catch-up with colleagues over a cuppa. Simply asking “how are you?” can make all the difference to someone’s day. Let’s all take the first step and start having open and honest conversations at work surrounding mental health.

So, we just had one question for our team…





“For me exercise is key for lifting my mood. I try and train in the morning before work which always sets me up for the day and puts me in a good mood, getting out of bed this time of year is the hard part but I never regret a workout. Also finding time for a walk at lunch with colleagues; getting out in nature and talking. Getting much needed downtime at weekends and spending time with friends and family is also good for my soul.”

“Making sure I spend enough time with my family and that I have plans to look forward to.”

“Date nights and spending time with the family.”

“If I’m feeling worn out and my energy is low, I “refill my cup” with a very hygge-style night in. Bunking down for a good box set, cooking a good meal and creating a cosy-feeling with candles, twinkling lights, a big cup of tea or G&T, and something sweet for after dinner.”

“I need my support network to be active in being there to support and reassure me when needed, and have visibility of positive changes on the horizon.”

“Total appreciation of the people I’m surrounded by and the things I have. When I’m feeling down, I remind myself that it could be worse and do things I know will make me feel better – go for a walk in the nature, listen to my fav music, read a book etc.”


“Focus on that thing in the future you have to look forward to, but also don’t get too caught up in how much you have to do, but to plan when you will do it!”

“Putting myself first.”

“Having a good routine everyday is important, as this makes me feel positive and ensures that my cup is ‘half full’.”

“‘Half full’ and ‘half empty’ are two ways of looking at the same thing. Neither is wrong. Just because you may see things in a different light, it shouldn’t be assumed that you are unhappy.”

“Spending fun times with my puppy, the TC BSG Valentine Mascot – Terence!”

“Good health.”

“Getting outdoors for a walk – always feel so much better after.”

“Speaking to friends. When sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees, my friends have a knack of drawing out the positive, even in difficult times. Always feel lifted after a conversation with them.”

“Trying to always have a smile on my face, even if things don’t always feel cheerful. Smiling and having a catch up with friends and colleagues will never fail to cheer me up!”

“Ensuring that I prioritise my time, taking time for myself and getting outside for a walk every day!”