Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline: What You Need To Know


The Self-Assessment Tax Return submission and payment deadline for the 2022/23 period is 31 January 2024.

Preparing your tax return ahead of the deadline is recommended, as late returns will incur a penalty.

In fact, the sooner the better, as it’ll allow you to understand your tax position ahead of future tax planning; and avoids the stress of last-minute submissions.


If you fail to submit your tax return on time, you’ll be charged £100 as a fixed late filing fee.

If you don’t pay your tax by the due date of 31 January 2024, interest will be charged. If you’ve not paid the tax by 28 February 2024 a surcharge of 5% will be paid in addition.

For submissions made up to 3 months late, HMRC will charge you £10 per day up to a 90-day maximum of £900. Plus a further 5% penalty for the late payment.

This increases to a further £300 or 5% of the tax due (whichever is higher) if 6 months late, long with a further penalty again for the late payment.


If you need support preparing your tax return before 31 January 2024, our tax teams will be happy to help you.

CONTACT US TODAY or speak to your Client Relationship Manager.

Remember, early planning helps you and your accountant, and avoids a penalty from HMRC! Send the information and records for your Self-Assessment Tax Return as soon as possible.

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