Changes to UK Company Law – Confirmation Statements

Directors be warned, this will affect you!

As a result of The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act, Companies House will introduce new measures from 4 March 2024 which’ll change the way Confirmation Statements  (also known as an annual return) are filed.

The changes to company law include:

  • New rules for office addresses mean businesses won’t be able to use a PO Box as a registered address. Companies must have an address where a document can be delivered by hand or by post, and where delivery can be recorded by obtaining of an acknowledgement of delivery.
  • All companies will be required to provide a registered email address.
  • On the Confirmation Statement and when first incorporating a new company, you’ll need to confirm the intended activities of the company will be lawful. This is known as the Lawful Purpose Statement.
  • From 1 May 2024, the fee to file your Confirmation Statement online will also increase from £13 to £34, and from £40 to £62 if filed by paper.

Existing companies will need to make a Lawful Purpose Statement every year filing their Confirmation Statement from 5 March 2024.

Companies House will have great power to scrutinise and reject information that seems incorrect or inconsistent with the details they already hold on your company.


At TC Group, we offer a Company Secretarial Full Annual Compliance Service which’ll give you peace of mind knowing you’re meeting the requirements in accordance with company law.

We can support you with:

  • Maintaining your company’s statutory records
  • Annual confirmation statements
  • Changes in directorate and their details
  • Changes to your Registered Office
  • Changes to your company’s accounting reference date
  • Providing information electronically upon request
  • Company Secretarial Assistance / telephone advice

For more information about Company Secretarial services, speak to your TC Group Client Relationship Manager, or if you’re looking to change accountants, get in touch with our team today.



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