Guide To Maximising Business Value On Exit

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) delayed the exit plans of the baby-boomer business owners, but their need to exit has not gone away. The value of the average business has been limited for a few key reasons:

  • Most businesses have been structured and operated with the tax legislation in mind; profit has been kept low to minimise tax.
  • Little effort has been invested in removing waste from the business.
    Owners generally have wanted to fund their life-style, and even their children’s’ life-styles, rather that invest in growth.
  • Another factor is that the ability of some owner’s to manage a growing business has been limited and there has been a reluctance to learn about leadership or invest in consulting services to develop growth capacity.

There are ten steps that can be used to maximize the value of a business and these are outlined below. These steps can be grouped into three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Optimum Performance
  • Phase 2: Polishing the Business
  • Phase 3: Creation of the Sale

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