Lettings Accounts Client Account Compliance Reviews

Lettings accounts – Client Account Compliance Reviews

Compliance reviews can be as important as maintaining detailed and accurate client accounts.

We have the experience and expertise to provide a bespoke service or ready-made trusted approach.

We have the flexibility to work onsite or remote, depending on your requirements. All our remote solutions are completed using secure data rooms.


  • Being Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, reconciliations are essential to accurate accounting. Our compliance reviews ensure those standards are met.
  • We check EACH balance to EACH balance, we don’t just check total to total. This approach provides complete transparency.
  • Included in our fixed fee is a pass or fail result with detail on areas for attention. This gives you the flexibility to then work through the issues, or our client accounting team can work with you and give you the benefit of our expertise.


Our compliance reviews can be beneficial when considering buying or selling an agency, in order to provide a qualified opinion on the client account reconciliation and processes.

CLAS Compliance Standard:

Our trusted method has been used over and over again to ensure client accounts are held to the highest standard possible.

Our solution includes:

  • Agency registration and details review
  • Deposit reconciliations review
  • Active tenancies review
  • Non-resident landlords review
  • Rent payment review
  • Fees, commission and charges review
  • Bank account and balances review

Bespoke Compliance Standard:

We work with agencies from large multi-site national franchises, to small start up independent agents, and everything in between. So, we have the experience to tailor any compliance review to ensure that we provide you with the reassurance you need, whatever your purpose.


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