Trust & Estate management & accounting

Trust & Estate management & accounting

Trusts are an important tool in estate planning, wealth management and tax mitigation. They can be used for any number of purposes, from providing funds for future care needs, ring-fencing assets for future generations or even for payment of future school fees. We understand that the management, taxation and filing requirements associated with trusts can seem complicated and daunting, and our private client team are expertly placed to help the smooth running of your trust.

Our experts also have considerable experience dealing with compliance for estates. During the period of administration (the period following a person’s death and until their estate has been distributed), accounts and annual tax returns will need to be prepared for the estate. We can help manage the estate’s taxation affairs, including preparing estate accounts and tax returns until the administration period is complete.

How we can help:

Trust Planning and Implementation – advising on the most suitable trust structure for your circumstances, ensuring it is set up in the most tax efficient manner and will fully achieve your objectives, and arranging the creation of the trust

Trust Management and Administration – bookkeeping, annual trustee minutes, and record keeping of distributions to beneficiaries

Accounting and Taxation – preparing annual accounts and tax returns and if required inheritance tax returns for the trust or estate

We can also act as a professional trustee of a trust and as a professional executor of the estate, reducing the burden for your family and any risk of conflicts of interest, and ensuring the trust or estate is managed according to your wishes. We also provide a full probate and administrative service.

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