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Retirement planning

Retirement planning

If you begin planning for your retirement, it is essential to know if the provisions you have put in place will put you in a viable enough financial position to enjoy what will hopefully be a long and prosperous retirement. Your pension will likely be a key part of your retirement plans.

Therefore, it is vital that you understand the tax efficiency, the limits to the contribution, your investment choices and the retirement options available to you from the varieties of pension schemes.

How we can help you

TC Group’s expert knowledge of pension schemes and alternative options means we can help you to make informed decisions about pension provision while keeping track of evolving pension legislation.
Retirement planning consists of two stages. Firstly, there is the accumulation stage, during which you make tax-effective savings from your surplus income or capital. Then follows the stage where you withdraw income and capital from your accumulated assets to benefit you when you retire.

We can advise you on the most appropriate course of action during both stages and help you to achieve your varying objectives.

However, pension schemes are only part of a broader retirement strategy. You should also consider investment management, estate planning, business exit planning, and tax and risk mitigation. Our financial planners, together with our team of specialist tax and business advisers within TC Group, will help you achieve your retirement aspirations.

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