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Property ownership & taxes

Property ownership & taxes

If you are looking for a property as a primary residence, as a second home, as an investment, or as a commercial property, putting competitive finance in place can make all the difference.

The tax treatment and filing requirements in relation to properties have changed significantly over recent years. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase or sell a property, it is crucial to consider the tax implications as early as possible. Similarly, the structure in which you hold property assets (whether commercial or investment properties) will also impact your tax liabilities, both business and personal. Whether you have an existing successful property portfolio, are looking to start and grow one, or purchase a commercial property for your business to use, it is vital you review your options from both a tax-efficient and cost-efficient perspective.

How we can help you

TC Group’s team of experienced advisers can help you to identify the most appropriate solutions to finance residential and commercial property purchases or refinance existing properties.

You should be aware for any property transaction of the property tax and legal issues surrounding the structure of ownership whether you are motivated by estate planning objectives, protection against third parties, or to minimise the impact of personal taxes. TC Group can advise you on these matters and ensure that any mortgage is arranged for the chosen structure on the right basis. We advise on all areas of property tax, including Stamp Duty Land Tax, and conduct expert reviews of your property portfolio to ensure you are operating in the most tax-efficient structure for your circumstances.

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