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Asset Planning

Asset Planning

During your lifetime, you may inherit, or accumulate assets, but have you given consideration to how they can support your present and future sources of income, retirement fund, or as a potential legacy to your heirs?

As a TC Group client, we are on hand help you produce a summary of your existing assets and liabilities, and estimate your future lifestyle costs. We can identify that which is surplus to requirements and may potentially be gifted, or reinvested as part of a structured plan to meet your current and future needs. We can also review your Will and ensure it reflects your current circumstances and wishes for the future.

Asset protection is particularly important to business owners who do not give due consideration to continuity or incapacity planning.

Whether you simply need insurances or powers of attorney or require a longer-term succession strategy, you have a responsibility to your clients, customers, staff and dependents, to ensure for contingency plans, whether for temporary or permanent periods of incapacity. We can help you protect assets that could be claimed as a result of a relationship breakdown, periods of business instability, or to reduce wealth in anticipation times when circumstances change. Trusts are useful for such purposes, but not always the guaranteed best solution. Individual circumstances dictate the best options. TC Group is on hand to provide you with the best possible advice.

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