HR Services

HR Services

TC offers a range of HR support services to clients, covering all aspects of recruitment and employee management.

Our service is both flexible and personal, allowing you not only to choose which level of support you require, but when and how you want it.

Annual HR Subscription

For an agreed annual fee based on your business’s head-count, we will provide you with on-going HR telephone and email support.

In addition to this you will also receive a template contract of employment, employee handbook and access to an online HR system called breatheHR.

Template Contract of Employment

We will provide you with a Contract of Employment that is up to date and complies with current employment legislation.

It consists of an Offer Letter and a Statement of Terms and Conditions.


We can connect you to a highly efficient HR software system called breatheHR which will hold your employee personal data and any employment documentation.

This system also ensures your compliance with GDPR.  A demo video is in the link below.

You can use breatheHR to hold employee details and documents as well as for booking and monitoring holidays and sickness.

The information is securely held in the Cloud so can be accessed from a computer or telephone app.

We can also review the information and give you advice based on the information held.

Wendy McGarvey, Head of HR & Recruitment

 For further information about our range of HR services and details of fees, please contact Wendy McGarvey on:  0330 088 7111, or email:

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