Employment Tax

Employment Taxes, Benefits and Incentives

Low staff turnover is good for business. Happy staff will not only stay put for longer, which helps to combat problems such as unease and expense, they will also be more productive and do a better job for your business.

Sound employment remuneration, benefits and incentives help attract, retain and motivate high-quality employees thereby aiding with succession as well as bringing your business substantial tax cost savings.

Employers often need answers to a number of important questions in an employment tax landscape that can be increasingly difficult to navigate:

  • How should you structure employee remuneration to support your long-term growth plans?
  • How can you streamline employee rewards to maximise return on investment?
  • Which share schemes are the best fit for your business?
  • What’s the best way to manage your compliance obligations and risks?

As specialist tax advisers, TC is able to provide a service that enables businesses to establish a tax efficient remuneration strategy for executive and non executive employees to meet the business’s future goals.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing your remuneration policy and identifying areas where savings can be made.
  • Advising on expenses and benefits arrangements.
  • Advising on and implementing the most appropriate share scheme.

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