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TC Group is an independent member of BOKS International, a Top 25 global alliance of top professionals and expert firms with more than 70 quality assured member firms in over 50 countries worldwide. With a rapidly growing global presence, their cross-border service offering facilitates the international operations of businesses of all sizes and ambitions. Supporting firm growth and development, BOKS International, with its guaranteed 48-hour client placement service, is the global alliance of choice offering clients fast and effective access to quality-assured professionals around the globe.

BOKS International was formed to support businesses in their international development; each member is committed to providing excellent quality throughout all aspects of their engagement.

The members of BOKS International have been carefully selected based on a number of key criteria. These include a quality approach to all aspects of their business, adherence to international quality standards, a proactive approach to national business, and a true dynamism evident through their sustained growth.

Member firms have to demonstrate a proven track record in handling multi-national and international assignments, and their capabilities are checked through a due diligence process before joining. Existing members are also subject to due diligence on an ad hoc basis.

International assignments are always led by a partner in their firm, no matter the size of the engagement. They will remain closely involved in assignments and endeavour to ensure continuity in the teams involved with a client.

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