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Guide To Maximising Business Value On Exit

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) delayed the exit plans of the baby-boomer business owners, but their need to exit has not gone away. The value of the average business has been limited for a few key reasons: Most businesses have been structured and operated with the...

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Quick Guide: Employed Or Self-Employed?

The question as to whether someone is employed or self-employed is not as straightforward as it might at first appear. Many people assume they are free to choose, but HMRC emphasises that this is not the case. In this guide, we answer a number of key questions: How do...

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The complete guide to partnerships

Even the strongest relationships can suffer in times of adversity. Good planning is an essential part of creating a successful business partnership. Our guides provide information on important aspects of your partnership, such as setting up a formal agreement and...

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How To Prepare Your Business Plan

A business plan is essential for every business. Failing to plan your business is the first step toward planning to fail. Recording your ideas, plans and strategies is essential given the ongoing sluggish economy when so many business owners are struggling to maintain...

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The Taylorcocks Guide To Pricing

Pricing strategies can have a huge impact on the performance of any business, so it’s vital that you have thought about yours in great detail and understand what your pricing strategy means for your profitability. In this guide, you will find out: How to balance cost...

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The TC Group Guide To Buying A Business

Buying an established business that someone else wishes to sell provides a path that many follow to fulfil their desire to enter into business or expand an existing portfolio. Much like buying a second-hand car or house, the need for care and due diligence is...

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