Wills and Estate Planning – Free Consultation

Apr 16, 2020

As a consequence of COVID-19, we are receiving lots of requests from clients about reviewing or updating their Wills (or the Wills of their family members). As a reminder, our private client team offer a complete end-to-end service covering all aspects of estate planning which starts with a well-drafted Will.

We know that clients want to ensure that their affairs are in order so they can have the peace of mind that their wishes will be respected should the worst happen. To assist with this we are offering all TC clients (and their family members) a free consultation with our private client team to review their affairs. The review will cover the following areas:

1. Do you have a valid Will and is it up to date?
2. Is your estate structured in the most tax-efficient manner for you and your immediate family?
3. What happens to shares in your business if you die, and does your shareholders’ agreement match your Will?
4. What happens to your pension in the event of your death?
5. Who will be appointed to make decisions on your behalf if you fall ill?
6. How would your family deal with your estate and what details would they need?
7. Do you have adequate life insurance and who are the beneficiaries of it?

If you would like to take advantage of the consultation, which as a reminder is free for all TC clients, please email privateclients@tc-group.com or call our Private Client Team on 0330 088 7111.

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