HR Strategy / R&D Consultations

Mar 30, 2020

Hopefully you managed to find some time to briefly relax with your family and significant others over the weekend. There haven’t been any significant Government announcements today so the focus remains on the key points we outlined in the Weekly Recap on Friday.

HR Strategy

Our HR and Tax teams worked over the weekend to ensure our clients were able to plan and start executing their HR/Furlough strategies. If you haven’t already please contact the TC HR team to find out how we can help. In addition to the initial furlough project we are also helping a significant number of our clients with all aspects of their HR including:

  • Managing the SSP process;
  • Advising on self-isolation;
  • Advising on how to conduct return to work interviews;
  • Advising on specific situations in relation to holiday, maternity leave, staff already on long term absence, staff with protected characteristics;
  • Updating contracts to reflect agreed changes;
  • Guidance on furloughing directors;
  • Ongoing advice and support with our dedicated HR team via telephone and email;
  • Overseeing furlough payroll changes – If we manage your payroll we will liaise with our internal payroll team so they can process the correct pay and apply for your grant from HMRC.

Free Research & Development (R&D) Consultation and How it Can Help Your Cashflow

Each year we complete a significant number of R&D claims for clients across a broad range of sectors and despite the scheme starting in 2000 there are still a large proportion of clients that assume it doesn’t apply to them.

During this difficult trading period we want to ensure that all clients have been properly assessed and have considered the potential benefits of making a claim so would strongly encourage you to take us up on our offer of a free R&D consultation.

The definition of R&D is broad and geared towards problem-solving, improving processes, bringing new products and services to market, or increasing efficiencies – precisely the types of activities businesses often undertake without realising they are doing R&D.

The reward is that for every £1 spent on R&D you could get up to 33% of this back as a cash repayment from HMRC and the average claim is £51,000!

We have experience of successful R&D claims across a broad range of sectors, including:

  • Warehousing;
  • Construction;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Built Environment (Architects etc.);
  • Food and Drink;
  • Engineering;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Hospitality and marketing;
  • Aggregates;
  • Transport;
  • Software;
  • Technological instruments;
  • Retail;
  • Building services.

Contact us now on 0330 088 7111 to arrange your free R&D consultation.

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